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We all have different standards. Some would settle for the least while others won’t take nothing other than the best. If you happen to be one of those who belong to the latter, great; that only means to say you know your life’s worth and that it shouldn’t be spent on things that will do half of your fulfillment. Even in your choice of porn, being meticulous pays a lot. And without having to pay more than you can afford, the Brazzers Network is capable of drawing only the best pornographic contents literally across the globe.


You must be wondering right now after having frequently heard the name of the site here and there, what exactly is the Brazzers Network? What’s with all the fuzz? Is it just another hype because the last time you checked, the things they told you were a bunch of disappointment. Fortunately, this is not the case with this network. Its success is not reaped from its advertising agendas; its prominence stems from its high quality content. They are home to hundreds of the hottest models in the world and an assembly of literally tens of thousands of videos. If this is actually the first time you’ve heard about the site, then you must be some kind of caveman from the past brought today by a time machine or someone who’s been living on the most secluded island in the most remote archipelago.


Now, what can you expect from them? I would say that if this site was a girl, then it’s an aggressive one. The point being: It’s what every guy would want. By the name itself, it’s a network more than it is a website. That’s why there race 30 niche sites flocked here for your glorious pleasure. With that being said, there are literally 6400 plus videos good for at least 35 minutes each. There are also just as much photo galleries bearing over at least 1000 pictures per gallery! The quality of the videos and the photos are astounding and there are no dull moments in almost every video you get to watch.


A subscription takes $29.95 off of your budget and that’s probably the cheapest you can get for the best quality porn site throughout the industry. Make no mistake and join the Brazzers Network’s member database!

Shes Gonna Squirt Review

Hot Shes Gonna Squirt Discount


ShesGonnaSquirt is part of the Brazzers Network.

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What kind of introduction are you possibly waiting for when it comes to the site going round by the name of Shes Gonna Squirt? Maybe a girl opening up and spraying the screen with her passionate juices? Well, you can be happy that there will be a lot of splashing and gushing and cumming inside this site. The site also has got beautiful women and pornstars inside. Amateurs do they have? Yes they do. The concept is simple, hit the pussy so hard that gushing juices spray all over and the gals orgasm like mad banshees!

Thing about this site is that it’s a reality site with content that has some sort of story inside there. What they all have in common is squirting gals. Okay you will not find Oscar Grammy acting and dialogue, but you were not looking for that in the first place. You were looking for pornography in the best squirting niches you could find, right? Anyway, you will see pornstars inside known for messy squirt scenes, peeing, wet pussies, creaming, and orgasms. You will see how the usage of hard cock, toys, fingers, mouths, and other instruments are all so that some beautiful lady wets her pussy for you. Niches covered include hardcore sex, blowjobs, cumshots, and others.


The excess of having wet sex action is clearly encouraged inside this site, and as the gals get crazy so will you. That’s how the material ensnares you completely. The episodes inside have different quality levels. Let’s start with the HD options that you get, 1080p resolution, and you got to know that that is the very best! The filming is professional with many wet close-ups given. They have flv file formats and the videos can be forty minutes long. Considering the high res gallery that they have, we thank them for the zip file given for downloading.  The material inside is viewable for people who are using mobile devices. The mobile formats make it easier for different members.

The site is updating on two weeks basis, which some people are dissatisfied with while others are cool with it. However, the picture of full access to the bonus Brazzers network that is offered is just too tempting for many to disregard. Also, the squirting ladies of this site are good to help you on your way to similar cum orgasms. So, the bonus network is more HD quality material on all fronts of hard sex niches and genres that you can think of.

Further time spent inside the site called Shes Gonna Squirt is going to show you content that is produced by masters, great organization of site design and content, so much bonus porn, and lots of other things. It’s intense because it aims at being intense. If this is your kind of squirting wet pussy thing, then joining this particular site is not a bad idea.

Milfs Like It Big Review

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MilfsLikeItBig is part of the Brazzers Network.

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Milfs Like It Big is a porn paysite demanding attention from anyone who has a craving for milfs and hard sex scenes. You will come into contact with known pornstars from different backgrounds and ethnicity. The exclusivity of the material is good also for making members inside feel special. The thumbnails inside the tour page display the kind of game these guys are playing, its hardcore sexually expect quality production game that we want to play! You are not yet convinced about them huh? Okay there is more information straight ahead in this review, keep reading!

Discount members can do the following; they can rate things they see inside. You will find scenes with description text, models inside are named, attached to the scenes that they appear in. They got trailers for those who want to know what happening, visually, before they decide to click play or download link. You can find out all the sites you get together with membership to this one.


The link where you can get this information is at the bottom of the page. The assumption that you and everyone else has is that these guy are working with quality producers, professional photographers, quality equipment and webmasters who know a thing or two about designing functional porn paysites. This assumption is turned into a hard cold fact when you see that they got all these things inside this site. You can exploit the menu, find the content, and get lots of information on scene time, date, models, comments, rating, etc.

The latest videos, most watched, and best rated, are marked clearly and placed inside the homepage. They do have quality in 1080p HD -movies, not to mention the high-res 1900-by-1600pxl pics they got. Every pic of milfs taking cock in their asses and pussies and boobs can be downloaded due to the fact that they have zip file format available for you. The options inside the video gallery made us respect these guys. They have both options open for streaming and downloading what you want. Wmv, flv, mpeg formats in quality from extreme HD to mid res are there, come closer and see what they have and enjoy!

There are close to four hundred movies by now, or more, and things you get we are told (by the site) that they are exclusive porn material. Specialty of hot milfs paired with pulsating hungry young man cock is what this site likes to do. Weekly addition of new movies good, sign that things will continue being resolutely explicit hardcore porn. Membership includes pass entrance access to the Brazzers network and that is just terrific news. It means more sites, stars, and niches for your thirsty eyes.

You cannot possibly worry that the site Milfs Like It Big is not going to please your needs. The membership pass means so many good things happening to you all the time, Brazzers bonus network access, and we can say that joining them will not leave you the same way you were.

Big Wet Butts Review

Hot Big Wet Butts Discount


BigWetButts is part of the Brazzers Network.

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Big Wet Butts may just drive you ravenous, looking and relishing the thoughts of having such fine female ass. Some people just cannot get enough of the female booty. Moreover, when that ass is big, well things take a nosedive towards the debauched. If you count yourself among those afflicted with this syndrome, this site is the penicillin shot you need to be fully cured! Now, things to note…one, these gals have ass that goes on for days, but they are not necessarily the BBW kind of chicks. Two, the gals derive their pleasure from having those pounds of ass being handled by a rock hard cock. Add these two things and what you have is going to blow all porn fans away!

The site is Brazzers Network property so you get bonus sites from the site with your membership. The term “wet” is loosely used inside and can stand in for oiled, but there are instances where the butts are not oiled or wet, they are just pounded hard. All the gals inside however do have butts that lean on the generous side of things. The site mixes up the ethnicity of the gals. Ebony booty is not so common as many people would expect, hey, even white gals got ass!


The design of the site is done by stylish guys, who still manage to slide in many functional features you can use. The side links inside the site are for use when you want to check out latest happenings, HD videos, most watched, and rating for the films. They got a forum inside, buzzing with butt-lovers (such as you and me). The topics are different, members are active, it’s exciting to be in there commenting and airing opinions. The staff also replies to question/queries.

When looking through the section for videos, we see HD quality offered in 1080p. There is iPod formats, compatible for mobile users. You need real internet speed connection to get the big file formats. However, if you stick with it, the results are amazing to behold. Those who can’t do this get SD smaller formats and also smaller high-res formats. Over 430 movies and 436+ pictorial sets. When that time of the week comes, more butt-lovely-hardcore action is added inside the galleries. There are so many bonus sites you will be able to go to. And since they rest under the roof of a powerful player in the business like Brazzers, then hell yeah, you are going to have numerous fun times inside.

The picture gallery is solid, with online features for slideshow viewing, zipped file for image download. The buttocks, especially the big chiseled round ones, of females are beautiful. You get to have beautiful Big Wet Butts all the time inside this site. The bonus network access is the final straw that will break your stubbornness; you will buy this deal right now! It’s prodigious, please check them out!

Big Tits at Work Review

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BigTitsatWork is part of the Brazzers Network.

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Big Tits At Work is seen by many as a fantasy site. You see, it’s where the women with breasts that can smother and fill anyone with lust are fucked hardcore style. The site is from Brazzers, so the question is, do they offer excellent material like the other sites that this company manages and runs? The answer is, yes they freaking do! Fantasies are always good for helping people recreate their hidden lustful mania.

Many of us suffer from office fantasy quite a lot. And when you see the erotic lingerie that the gals wear, get a peek into their cleavage, see that skirt tightly wound around succulent buttocks…you will have a nasty boner! Finding this site from the first place you land after logging in needs you to do some clicking but it’s not very complicated. You can, and will, manage to get inside.


The more off limits a hot piece of ass with magnificent big breasts is the more hard the cock becomes. It’s a relationship we can neither explain nor really want to anyway. Walking around the office you have probably seen that exposed thigh, that sexy lacy stocking, and whatnot, that have driven you insanely hot. Inside this site, you can have so much more. It just doesn’t stop at teasing you, the site gives you these big buxom sexy women and shows you how they fuck and how they cum so hard. The babes do it all from giving bjs, anal, pussy, boob jobs, hand jobs, and all other hardcore sex things you like. The classy nature of the gals is also played up.

You have over four hundred and forty two movies to work through diligently inside this site. Half an hour movies are what you get. No DRM restriction, full download, and streaming access. Yap that is 1080p quality resolution you see right there! Magnificent formats in mp4, wmv, flv, iPod/PSP. As you gaze at the large nipples being licked and pussy having orgasms in the office, you will come to the conclusion that Brazzers know what to give you, and how to give it!

How long do you wait for the next installment? Just one week, and as you wait, you can keep busy with over 442 sets of pics, one set contains 500 images, so lots for you to go through. Not fond of pictures huh? Well, use your time inside the bonus sites, get third party feeds, post something in the message board, go over the model index and live cams are also given. You can grab the clips, short ones to get you that quick fix, or manage your time and have a leisurely one with the full movies.

We are yet to come across a fella who thought that what the paysite Big Tits At Work brings is not something worth investing in. Let us put it like this, apart from tangling with one of the best porn networks in the business, Brazzers, you will be able to get wanton material showing you tits, big ones, sexy gals, hardcore sex, filming superiority, and about a dozen other things we can mention but won’t because of time. Yes…signup today!

Real Wife Stories Review

Hot Real Wife Stories Discount


RealWifeStories is part of the Brazzers Network.

30 days 40% off ($17.95)

365 days 75% off ($7.95/mo)

I have always had an affinity for older women. Well, I don’t mean the old ones with saggy skin and hunchbacks. I’m going there someday though, but my point is that I love women who are much older than me, and that would go for the sensual context, to be honest. Until now, I can’t seem to remove the tingling sensation inside me whenever I see a MILF. So to aid my frustration, I turn to Real Wife Stories where my fantasies are given the kind of actualization they deserve.

The name of the site itself sounds kind of kinky. The history of the site actually begins with an initial story about a woman losing her husband and kid. One of the symbolic figures of the play would be the doll. She took it as her daughter, which proved her lunacy.


On that note, the doll is a symbol as a resort for those who lost a loved one or loved ones, like how she held on to it for life support. She took is as something to fill the emptiness when the truth of the matter is that she had a severe case of separation anxiety from losing her husband and daughter. Therefore, the doll also served as a symbol for standing still on the same ground to rot. This is only one side of the Real Wife tragedy, and there are the comedy and other entertainment categories, which makes the site much more exciting than its name.

Brazzers happens to be the mother of this site, the wellspring of its concept and materialization. To that end, there are 650 plus videos that come in Brazzers’ high quality, high definition video trademark. It’s like exhuming the past you have decided to bury only to rediscover that nothing was over and you’re still up to your desires of wanting to fuck hot wives when their husbands and children are away. It does you well and it does her well. It’s a win-win situation so long as both keep the secret.

In addition to that, Real Wife Stories edges more with its weekly bonus and updates. The downloads are also there to a much higher extent compared to other sites with short download limits. Furthermore, this is where all of your twisted dreams come to life.

Big Tits at School Review

Hot Big Tits at School Discount


BigTitsatSchool is part of the Brazzers Network.

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365 days 75% off ($7.95/mo)

How does it feel to know that your son, who had faith in you, has found a home in someone else’s father? I don’t really care though because while others are satisfying their heart’s desires, I am nourishing my hunger for knowledge! And while I do that, I make sure my soul is not left unrewarded with its passion to learn. I find it best done with Big Tits at School, which is clearly a porn site that suggests what it’s all about based on its moniker.

Remember back in college when you had all the time for yourself during the off hours? The times you had to do with thesis with your collegiates? Aren’t those days memorable because of the extracurricular things you get to do? Fucking hard in your bed and your dick being sucked by another girl, which is truly an awesome threesome.


The next day you realized you’re not done with your thesis yet so they come back the day after to make sure you’re okay and you fuck hard again. That is how it goes with Big Tits, but in a much grander scale. You know, big boobs definitely make a difference. They make everything much better and they make your room some kind of heaven with some truly mystical glory.

Are you done reimagining the times that have past? Have you recollected your memory well enough? If there are still bits and pieces that you can’t seem to disinter, then you should get acquainted to the content of Big Tits at School. Today, the site has grown into a network of 430 plus porn episodes that would be equivalent of 30 minutes of super sexy big tits kind of fun. The actresses got me amazed too. I mean, they are able to capture the drama every situation tends to portray. If anything, this site has got all its best ducks in an awesome row. With photo galleries to top all of that as bonus, you’ll simply look for nothing more!

Big Tits at School updates by the week, so if anything, something new comes and you will have more reason to revisit the site by the night. Take care and enjoy the show! Have a nice trip through memory lane with these bootiful bitches!

BrazzersVault Review

Hot BrazzersVault Discount


BrazzersVault is part of the Brazzers Network.

30 days 40% off ($17.95)

365 days 75% off ($7.95/mo)

Brazzers Vault is a site that shares the great distinction of being one of the many pornsites that Brazzers has made over the years. This porn producer really has done it all when it comes to pornography. They have created so many delicious versions of porn that has helped to broaden their reputation as one of the best in the business. This particular site is just further proof of how incredible they are at making porn. The site contains gals, hardcore sex, and the awesome quality that only top-level porn companies have.

First of all, you will come across many famous babes inside this site. Like so many critics say about Brazzers, they always manage to work with the finest women in the porn business. These gals know how to perform and it doesn’t hurt that they have soft boobies, fuckable asses, wet pussies, and hardcore sucking mouths! The list of categories you can grab from this site spans all the basics. The site does this in order to ensure that members who love anal, big asses, dp, gangbang, reality, gonzo, bjs, facials, squirting, and so many other niches can find something inside.


There are more than one hundred and thirty four episodes inside this site. These are all exclusive. But if you think that this amount of content is not and blowing and that you will quickly finish watching all they have, think again! Membership to this site means that you get 30-plus more sites. These sites come from Brazzers Network. So since you will have no shortage of material, what about the quality? Well, many HD movies and high res images are available. You are not left hanging even when it comes to methods of sorting and browsing the content.

The downloadable zipped files first of all ensure you get all pic galleries. You can go for the downloadable file formats for videos, or use the flv format and stream the content. You do have clips, full-length films. Apart from flv, you get windows media, mp4, mpeg file formats. Keeping in touch with the modern times, the site makes sure you get mobile file formats. That means psp/iPod formats. The links work, search tools work, previews, tabs, sections…this site just provides all the basic things you need for smooth transition from one cum-stirring scene to the next! They have a rating system, you get to see what’s going to be added, updates, and what videos are the most watched.

Brazzers Vault is a beautiful inclusion to the already huge number of sites that these guys are producing and maintaining. It is solid fun, and will help you maintain your solid erection thanks to the content they bring. There is plenty to see, do, and the bonus network just makes this deal the best ever!

Teens Like It Big Review

Hot Teens Like It Big Discount


TeensLikeItBig is part of the Brazzers Network.

30 days 40% off ($17.95)

365 days 75% off ($7.95/mo)

Teens Like It Big is not saying that older milf women like messing about with small sizes. They are just simply stating what we thought was pretty obvious, that 18 year olds love fucking with monster cocks inside them! Okay maybe some of you didn’t know this fact to be true, but inside this site, this is the kind of material you are going to get. From an early age, the babes inside this site knew that their sexual fantasies lie with hard long shlongs. That is why they do their all to accommodate these monsters inside them and to have lots of fun doing so, possibly even have multiple orgasms!

When you first sign up and then login, you are taken to the flawless Brazzers Network. Then you will have to locate this particular site by using the explore tab given and from there you go to the sites/niches option and select the site you want which is this one. It is not a very complicate process and after a bit of time you will not be stressing about it. The site provides you with over 370 videos that mostly come with accompanying picture galleries. You will have no problems finding out if the videos are HD or not because all of them come labeled with information. A big portion, if not all of them, are HD quality.


The teens are willing to let their pussies be inserted with beefy cock from their boyfriends, pals, or other kinky lustful dudes who have no problems fucking tight teen pussy. You will find that they have many fantasy-oriented materials. This means that the teens play out fantasies like schoolgirls, nannies, fucking the mailman, lesbian, or innocent teens who get duped into sucking big cocks. You will find the themes inside are pretty familiar. The way the videos are constructed and developed prepare you for intense hardcore porn. The teens come in various body sizes and they deliver blowjobs, anal, pussy, insertions, toy play, masturbation, niches, and scenes in very good filming quality. This site is part of Brazzers and these guys are among the top five porn producers in the market today, so, you are getting the best version of creative entertaining hardcore porn.

The pros: material that they have is exclusive. They have zipped files used for picture downloads. Streaming and downloading of films. 1080p HD movies, high res photography. Mp4 and windows formats available. The cons: there is really not much we saw that would make you annoyed. Maybe they could just revamp their search engine so that it’s a bit more advanced and add more sorting/filtering features.

The weekly updates are good, helps to keep things fresh. Of course you get more additional sites thereby you get to have more porn, niches, stars, and more deep variety. The bonus content really does add a lot of color to this site and make it a great deal for those who buy a full membership to this site. It’s all worth it, you will love it, so check out Teens Like It Big!

Hot and Mean Review

Epic Hot and Mean Discount


HotandMean is part of the Brazzers Network.

30 days 40% off ($17.95)

365 days 75% off ($7.95/mo)

Hot And Mean is not a type of chili sauce, it’s a pornsite with HQ material. The site deals with gals having fun and pounding other gals. They have their material produced by the quality Brazzers Network guys. This network is known far and wide in the porn word for being exceptional in the way that they present and produce their porn material. The lesbian action inside this site is proving to be very high-paced stuff that you do not want to miss. The porn they have dominates your senses, intensifies your desires, and leads to orgasmic pleasure for the performers and quite possibly for you too!

They have now collected over 190 videos inside their galleries. These episodes often have pictures attached to them. Like all other modern sites, they have mobile formats for the video section and this helps more members to have easier access to the content. The latest productions they make are HD movies, 1080p kind of stuff that is perfect for watching lesbian hardcore porn. Lower HD quality of 480p is also available. Weekly updates are what they settled on and we are not complaining since this is not a bad pace to grow.


The lesbian models that this site selects have a really “lezdom-kind-of-vibe “going on. They know what they want to do to the other gals. They know they want insertions, lick the pussy, stab the pussy with hard dildos and strapons, engage in threesome lesbian fornication, and so much more. The domination that some of the babes showcase is not the hardcore dungeon variety but it still is entertaining to look at. You will have a chance to take a break and check out other niches since the mighty Brazzers network is included as a big bonus when you become a member to this site. So, that’s a whole lot of quality hardcore sites, lots of pornstar and models.

All sites inside this network including this one seem to have some of the most professional navigational setups we have come across. This lesbian site has features, allowing you to browse and preview material. Watching the material you like is a simple affair that involves you selecting, the gals licking and doing lesbian things to each other, and somebody having a mighty good orgasm! All this is possible because the navigation and presentation of the content inside this site is superb. There is information, descriptions, tabs, sections, links, menus, all that you need!

We were very impressed with Hot And Mean! They impressed us with the filming HD quality they have. The gals impressed us with their passion for hardcore lesbian acts of sex. The bonus content impressed us, well, because Brazzers network is always impressive!

MommyGotBoobs Review

Hot MommyGotBoobs Discount


Mommy Got Boobs is part of the Brazzers Network.

30 days 40% off ($17.95)

365 days 75% off ($7.95/mo)

MommyGotBoobs is a porn site with some lofty claims that they were the very first to produce milfs hardcore porn with big buxom milfs. In case this is true, we tell them thank you from the very depths of our happy balls. If not true, who cares, they still have milf hardcore porn on offer so it’s not important if they were the first or not. Now, what is of great importance and concern is whether they have the kind of material that you can enjoy. Let’s take a look.

They have reached over 400 video updates last time we looked. They have added more and that is something that boob lovers will appreciate. They also have picture galleries inside. The images can be high res, while the video formats you are given are mpeg, wmv, flv, mp4, and recently they have also included mobile formats. They have both the spectacular 1080p HD and the 720p HD quality inside. They have a reliable updating schedule that brings updates on a weekly basis.


The material they have looks like it was specifically made for them thus there is that feeling of exclusivity inside. This site is one of the many that belong to the impressive Brazzers Network. The boob spillage you are about to see inside is great for those who have a strong desire to constantly be around large breasts. The kind of hardcore genres the milfs involve themselves in is great to watch. There are costumes, reality, bjs, outdoor, anal, lingerie, interracial, and other typical hardcore niches. Big boobs are always there inside this site. Now with access to this site, you will also have access to 30 bonus sites from Brazzers network. That should be enough material to make you happy for hours, weeks, months, and possibly years really!

The bonus sites offer you more variety of everything including coeds, amateurs, babes, pornstars, and milfs. The site has the following tabs, home/scenes/our hot moms/all Brazzers scenes/members. Video options will help you in downloading the videos you desire or watching all the milf action. They do give out information about their updates. The material inside comes with information and rating, and the movies that are HD are labeled so that you can easily find them. You will have very little issues with navigating, finding bonus sites, or surfing this great site.

We are not saying that all the moms in the entire word have huge breast and love fucking! But the ones inside this site MommyGotBoobs definitely do and they will make your balls hurt in such pleasurable ways! The presentation of this milf hardcore site is top notch. The bonus network access to one of the best porn networks is just the final nudge we needed to give these guys our full recommendation.