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I have always had an affinity for older women. Well, I don’t mean the old ones with saggy skin and hunchbacks. I’m going there someday though, but my point is that I love women who are much older than me, and that would go for the sensual context, to be honest. Until now, I can’t seem to remove the tingling sensation inside me whenever I see a MILF. So to aid my frustration, I turn to Real Wife Stories where my fantasies are given the kind of actualization they deserve.

The name of the site itself sounds kind of kinky. The history of the site actually begins with an initial story about a woman losing her husband and kid. One of the symbolic figures of the play would be the doll. She took it as her daughter, which proved her lunacy.


On that note, the doll is a symbol as a resort for those who lost a loved one or loved ones, like how she held on to it for life support. She took is as something to fill the emptiness when the truth of the matter is that she had a severe case of separation anxiety from losing her husband and daughter. Therefore, the doll also served as a symbol for standing still on the same ground to rot. This is only one side of the Real Wife tragedy, and there are the comedy and other entertainment categories, which makes the site much more exciting than its name.

Brazzers happens to be the mother of this site, the wellspring of its concept and materialization. To that end, there are 650 plus videos that come in Brazzers’ high quality, high definition video trademark. It’s like exhuming the past you have decided to bury only to rediscover that nothing was over and you’re still up to your desires of wanting to fuck hot wives when their husbands and children are away. It does you well and it does her well. It’s a win-win situation so long as both keep the secret.

In addition to that, Real Wife Stories edges more with its weekly bonus and updates. The downloads are also there to a much higher extent compared to other sites with short download limits. Furthermore, this is where all of your twisted dreams come to life.